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    Clothes recycling cabins in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

    Cash For Clothes has been in operation since 2011, we have retail sites based throughout the Yorkshire & Lincoln district.

    We have been based in several retail outlets car parks over many years, helping to encourage the use of our services to our customers which in turn helps boost more visits to our nearby shopping facilities and retailers.

    Our customers visit us to weigh in their clean, undamaged and re-wearable items such as clothing, shoes, perfumes etc to get paid on the spot in instant cash which we will pay 40p per kilo.

    Our services have not only helped to up-cycle our customers unwanted belongings but to also help provide stable jobs for local communities in the surrounding areas. This in turn has had a positive knock-on effect on the environment, we provide a service that prevents these unwanted items from ending up in the landfill earlier than necessary.

    Our customers unwanted items get to have a second lease of life with someone else, the items will be distributed to Africa & Eastern Europe to be worn again.

    Benefits to having a Cash For Clothes cabin on your site?

    • Helping to prevent unnecessary landfill waste
    • Extra income / money for your customers
    • Helping to educate the importance of up-cycling
    • Bringing additional customers to your sites
    • Extra revenue for the sites owners / retail park / landlord etc
    • We only require a small area 1-3 parking spaces
    • We are not a permanent fixed unit / portable cabins
    • Flexible contracts
    • Useful service and outlet for your customers to use
    • Flexible contracts
    • Two choices for the design aesthetics

    Find out more about our clothes recycling cabins

    For further information about our services and how we operate a mobile unit please contact us via email or call our office on 07595 471 951.

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